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Our facility

Spectra’s manufacturing facility is based at Pirangut, near Pune.

We are equipped to handle a variety of processes that include solution polymerization, sulfation, phosphation, condensation, esterification, quaternization, emulsification of silicones and waxes, distillation and formulation. Our annual manufacturing capacity is 7000 MT.

Due to the myriad processes carried out, there is a great need or specialized equipments. To this end, we have a range of multipurpose reactors and blenders with heating and cooling arrangements ranging with capacities from 100 kgs to 10 MT.

Other standard equipments at our facility are thermic fluid heater, cooling tower, transfer pumps, filter assemblies and a soft water generation unit.

The safety of our employees is given the highest importance at Spectra. The plant has safety showers, appropriate storage space, excellent first aid facilities and state-of-the-art fire-fighting equipment.

Our QC lab is well equipped and has all the essential instruments for intermediates and finished goods’ analysis. We follow ISO 9001:2008 QMS systems.

We carry out R&D at the same facility and the system of product development is to carry out the process at various quantities ranging from 200g for small trials to 2 kg in the lab. The same are then scaled up to our pilot plant facilities.

We have pilot plants consisting of two state-of-the-art autoclaves with capacities of 5 kgs and 25 kgs (GMP models) that are equipped with separate heating and cooling units and a distillation assembly. Once the products are set on the pilot plants, they are then taken forward for scale up to the plant scale.


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