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Speciality Surfactants

Product name Type Form @ 25 0C Application
Spectramul 8070 Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate Liquid Can be used as a wetting / rewetting agent in textiles, emuslifier for emulsion polymerization, dispersing agent in paints, during manufacture of pigments and printing inks to enhance uniformity of particle surfaces, dust suppressant in mining
Spectra AM 4000 Iminopropionic acid based Liquid Amphoteric surfactant stable to high concentrations of acids and alkali. Extremely useful in cleaners. Also acts as a hydrotrope
Spectra SRT Alkyl Aryl Polyglycol Ether Liquid Nonionic surfactant to be used in making cleaners including floor cleaners, glass cleaners and heavy-duty cleaners
Spectramul E 100 Alkyl Aryl Polyglycol Ether Liquid Special emulsifier for making silicon oil micro emulsions primarily used in textile finishing
Spectramul 2261 EO / PO block copolymer Liquid Can be used as an antifoam and defoamer in metal cleaning baths, acid dye baths, boiler feed water etc
Spectramul 2281 EO / PO block copolymer Liquid Highly versatile product which can be used in cleaners, detergents and rinse aids. Also used in pigment processing as an emulsifier. Low foaming
Spectramul SF 12 EO / PO block copolymer Liquid Versatile nonionic surfactant. Low foaming. Can be used as rinse aid in paper & pulp industry. It can also be used as a component of cleaners in food & dairy, machine dishwashing and metal cleaners
Spectra CAPB Amphoteric betaine Liquid Used for cosmetic applications like soaps, hair conditioners , shampoos etc. as a foam booster
Spectramul IB 226 Proprietary formulation Liquid Highly effective surfactant for use in all purpose cleaners and degreasers. Can be used with builders and diluted with water
Spectra 6067 Proprietary formulation Liquid Totally biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable solvent used in coatings, cleaning formulations, foundries, etc
Spectra TRZ Triazine Liquid


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