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Textile Auxiliaries

Textile Auxiliaries

Textile processing – i.e. converting the raw feedstock to finished goods is a complex process and involves a number of steps. Right from scouring, bleaching, dyeing to providing highly specialized finishes like flame retardancy, each and every process requires the use of specialized chemicals – known worldwide as textile auxiliaries.

With technological advances and development of new machinery and processes, the old range of textile auxiliaries was grossly insufficient in terms of meeting the needs of process houses. Today, the industry demands auxiliaries with a very strict control on a number of their properties for optimal performance in specific machines. Additionally, there is a great demand for environmentally friendly products. The regulation demands on these chemicals are also becoming progressively stricter. As a result, the number of specific textile auxiliaries is constantly increasing with innovation in textile processing.

We, at Spectra have on offer the complete range of textile chemicals that encompasses products from preparation to the final stage of processing. What makes us different from other manufacturers is our ability to modify them just so slightly to improve their performance and better serve our customers. We have divided our auxiliaries in four sections:

  • Pretreatment Chemicals
  • Dyeing and Printing Chemicals
  • Finishing Chemicals
  • Speciality Chemicals


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